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Cispoc was lagging behind due to a low efficiency of their weekly planning of participants visit.

We've designed and built a robot that prepares and sends the weekly visit plan to all doctors and also sms each participants of their respective upcoming visit date.

After deployment of the robot, Cispoc clocked a 96% decrease in average handling time of weekly visit planning. This task was reduced from 4h to 5min with 100% accuracy.

Office Conversation


We've designed and built a robot that automatically takes care of clients invoice processing at Almond Brokers.

The robot access their database and then determines which clients need to be invoice each month. It then proceeds by preparing personalized invoices and email them to the respective clients before their payment deadlines.



We've accompanied the France-Mozambique Chamber of Commerce and Industry in redesigning their accounting system. 

All company expenses and incomes are now automatically tracked, categorized and incorporated in their database by one of our robot.